Hello and welcome to our store!! 

We have stopped production of most of our custom furniture.  Note we do batches of Beryl Gen 2, IMI Galil and Russian AK-12 grips from time to time as well as M72B1 and M85/M92 handguards periodically.  We announce the pre-order pages on Facebook when we do.  Given Michigan's Winter weather, I hope to open pre-orders in just a few weeks.

Please note that all Rock Island Magazines are now in a dedicated section - Please click here

Please note that if you clicked on a link to a product on a web page somewhere and this page was displayed, then that means we aren't making the product any longer.

We will post lead times on our Facebook page.  Please check them before ordering.   Did you know that we have a blog where we have tons of posts on AKs, firearms, tools and just about anything else that springs to mind?  Click here to open it in a new tab and check it out.