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We specialize in reproductions of AK and Galil pistol grips, magazines for Rock Island Armory A2 HC pistols and a variety of specialized fasteners and tools. Backing these up is our belief in quality and providing exceptional customer service.

IMI Galil with one of our grips for 922r compliance. Click here to go to that product page.


  • 6/11/24: Mec-Gar 9mm Magazines for Rock Island FS HC (their 1911 high cap pistols) and Para pistols are on closeout. Use coupon Wait20 to get another 20% off.
  • 4/2/24: We have discontinued all Polymer80 build tools due to legal liability.
  • 1/11/24: We have some cold weather headed to Southwest Michigan. I can’t sand when it is below 30F – it’s too cold for me to standoutside and do handwork. Bear in mind I seriously look like an ice fisherman when I am out there working.
  • 12/14/23: We are pushing to get orders out the door. We do reduce our varieties of custom grips over the Winter because it is too cold for your’s truly to do the hand sanding in an unheated shop. Right now, I plan to keep the Hungarian Blue AMD, IMI Galil and Polish Beryl Gen 2 grips available through the winter and others will need to wait until spring.
  • 11/6/23: We have discontinued our Remington RP9 magazines due to lack of demand. We will continue to make our full line of custom 10mm magazines. The custom 10 mm mags for the RIA A2 HC pistols is where we started and demand remains steady as they are a better magazine than the OEM Act-Mags.
  • 7/28/23: We now have a Knife Collector’s Corner with vintage and rare knives. You can access it by clicking here or on the left-hand menu bar from any page.7/7/23: We are now applying a durable clear label with white lettering to the bottom of P14-.45 magazines that are converted to hold either 10mm or .40 S&W that reads “10mm & .40 S&W”

Top Selling Products

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Bug Fixes

  • 7/9/23: I found a way to take PayPal with the website but it is manual. The store allowed me to create a manual payment method. So, what you do is go to checkout, select “Manual PayPal” during checkout and complete your order. When done, go to the PayPal website or app and send your payment to [email protected] for the order total and be sure to enter the order # in the comments so I can match them up. Unpaid orders will be cancelled after two hours.
  • 7/8/23: Checking out using PayPal has proven to be far too problematic – it works for some folks and not others so I’ve shut it off. We can take all major credit cards but not PayPal. Also, fixed the duplicate menu items and “bread crumb” listings.
  • 7/3/23: First Class mail package shipping wasn’t enabled – it is now. That was an oversight on my part.

If you have any questions or see something that is broke, please email us.

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