Arredondo Competition Followers for Para P14, P16, P18 and RIA HC A2 Pistols


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This magazine follower is designed for competition which means it is reliable but it does not lock the slide open.  If you look at the photos, you’ll notice the “shelf” that normally pushes the slide lock up  is angled down such that it will not engage it.

These followers fit all Para-style P14, P16 and P18 including RIA A2 HC mags in 9mm/.38 Super and the 10mm/.40 S&W models.

They are designed to use the Arrendondo magazine spring.  I’d recommend you use the Arredondo spring so the follower is properly held in place.  If you do not use the Arredondo spring then you will need to bend the top of the spring you plan to use.

This listing is for one follower.  The photo that shows the spring attached is so you can see the fitment.  The spring is not included.

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