Rock Island Armory and Para 10mm & .40 S&W Mags

Are you looking for magazines for your Rock Island A2 HC Pistol? We make and sell magazines for 10mm Auto these are the 52009 Rock Ultra HC, 56862 Tac Ultra HC Threaded, and the big 52000 Pro Ultra Match 6″ HC “Big Rock”. These also fit RIA pistols chambered for .40 S&W – RIA used the same magazine for both calibers.

RIA pistols use a Para Ordnance-style magazine so technically these mags will work in any pistol that uses a Para magazine provided the caliber matches. I test all of the magazines for RIA pistols. Other brands may require some adjustments.

We verify magazine laws for every order based on the ship-to address. Please do not attempt to order magazines that are illegal in your area. We will not mail them and you will be charged a 10% processing fee because it takes time on our end to cancel the order.

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