Magazine Shipping Restrictions

The buyer is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Magazines are export controlled by US Government Export Regulations.  We will not export to any country.

We will attempt to verify magazine capacities based on shipping address and if you are ordering a magazine that is not allowed based on your ship-to address, a 20% processing fee will be assessed against your order and your order cancelled. Sorry – we do not like the laws and regulations but we must follow them.

To the best of our knowledge, here are the restrictions we are aware of and we do not warrant this list is complete or accurate – please do email us if you see an error or something we need to add:

  • California: We can no longer sell magazines to California due to liability issues.
  • Colorado: 15 rounds
  • Connecticut: 10 rounds
  • Delaware:  17 rounds
  • Hawaii: 10 rounds
  • Illinois: 15 rounds for pistols and 10 for rifles. We will look up your city and county to see if you have limits. The following cities and counties have limits:
    • Aurora 15 rounds
    • Cook County 10 rounds
    • Deerfield 10 rounds
    • Doloton 10 rounds
    • Evanston 15 rounds
    • Highland Park 10 rounds
    • Homewood 10 rounds
    • Oak Park 10 rounds
    • Skokie 15 rounds 
  • Maryland: 10 rounds
  • Massachusetts: 10 rounds
  • New Jersey: 10 rounds
  • New York: 10 rounds
  • Oregon:  10 rounds
  • Rhode Island:  10 rounds
  • Vermont – 15 rounds for pistols, 10 rounds for rifles
  • Washington D.C.: 10 rounds
  • Washington State: 10 rounds

The above is not legal advice and again, we can’t guarantee its accuracy. You better know what laws and regulations apply to you before you attempt to buy from us.

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