Yugoslavian Ferrule Replica for M70, M77, M85 & M92


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These are replicas of the Yugo ferrules for the M70, M77, M85 and M92 rifles that we have made for us here in Michigan and are finished with a nice rich black oxide finish.  I am unaware of any other country’s rifle / model of AK that these will fit.  To the best of my knowledge these are a unique size and will not fit Bulgarian rifles, etc.  If someone knows of another application where they work, please let me know.

To use these, the easiest way to mount them is with glue.  Guys report good luck with epoxy and Goop. If you plan on moving the ferrule in the future, I’d go with a couple small dabs of Goop or black RTV.

Some fitting may be required. AK rifles and pistol parts don’t tend to just drop in like an AR part does for example.  In a recent poll, most customers reported it taking 15 minutes or less to file the tabs/ears to slide into the receiver.

This model of ferrule does *not* fit the Yugo M72 RPK handguards.  The M72s use a unique ferrule and we do not know of any sources for it other than removing an original from an original lower handguard.

It also will *not* fit the M76.  The M76 handguard also has a unique ferrule.

People regularly ask if this will fit so-and-so country and model handguard that needs a ferrule and the answer is “no”.  The Yugoslavs did unique dimensions and it will not fit other countries’ handguards.

December 10, 2021:  I emailed a bunch of customers who have bought the ferrules in the past.  They report our ferrules fit the current Zastava PAP M70, M90 and M92 no problem.  Some minor fitment may be needed – typically less than 15 minutes with a file to lightly trim the ears.  Everyone with surplus rifles are happy with the fit with only a small portion saying they needed to lightly adjust the tabs on the ferrule.  Some reported needing to tap the ferrule onto the surplus wood handguard and in some cases lightly tapping the handguard into the receiver was all it took.  About half of respondents overall  said no fitting was needed.

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