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Custom Century C39 Handguard - Our "Orca" Model Ronin 18" Maar Khukuri
Custom Century C39 Handguard - Our "Orca" ModelRonin 18" Maar Khukuri

This is a custom handguard expressly for the Century C39 Micro to replace wooden handguard with the curvy handhold. When we were developing this it was called project "Orca" and the name kind of stuck :-) It is very durable given its thickness...

This model is a very large khukuri that would be used to sacrifice animals - usually goats or water buffalos - at the Dashain festival. These are some massive khukuris - so much so that you almost need to view them as swords because of their...



Russian Molot - Second Generation
Russian Molot - Second Generation

This is our version of Molot's second generation grip. In short, the Russian's reinforced their design and came up with this new version. This grip is great for hands that wear a large glove or bigger and will function just fine on shotguns and...