Yugoslavian Ferrule Replica for M70, M77, M85 & M92
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07/11/17 - We are out of ferrules and will have them by August 12th.  If you order now, please note there will be delay in shipping.

These are replicas of the Yugo ferrules for the M70, M77, M85 and M92 rifles (and their civilian PAP versions) that we had made for us here in the US.  My colleague, Scott Igert of Michigan Gun Exchange and I are having these made in bulk so we can supply to consumers as well as commercial buyers. 

To use these, the easiest way to mount them is with glue.  Guys report good luck with epoxy and Goop.

If you are ordering the ferrule without furniture, we will try to ship your order within five-10 business days.  Otherwise, it will ship with whatever handguards or grips that you order.

If the item shows as out of stock, that means we are waiting on the next batch and don't have a firm date of arrival yet.  Contact me if you'd like an update on when the next batch is coming in.

This does *not* fit the Yugo M72 RPK handguards.  The M72s use a unique ferrule and we do not know of any sources for it other than removing an original from an original lower handguard.

It also will not fit the M76.  The M76 handguard has a unique ferrule.

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Yugoslavian Ferrule Replica for M70, M77, M85 & M92

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