We have stopped production for the winter.

We are not making custom grips and handguards over the Winter and will restart again around March 2018.  We do have a limited set of products that we will try and make available over the Winter - click here for that list - and we also have grips and handguards in our sales and clearance section - click here for that list.

We will post updates about orders, lead-times and so forth on our Facebook page - click here.

If you have any questions, please email me at info@roninsgrips.com 

Custom Century C39 Handguard - Our "Orca" Model
Custom Century C39 Handguard - Our "Orca" Model

This is a custom handguard expressly for the Century C39 Micro to replace wooden handguard with the curvy handhold. When we were developing this it was called project "Orca" and the name kind of stuck.  It can be converted to fit a Micro Draco.


We will post lead times on our home page and our Facebook page.  Please check them before ordering.