Hungarian AMD-65/AMD-63 Gray Grip With Screw

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Please read – these are pre-orders that reflect the number I will cast and not the number ready to ship.  

This is for one US hand made AMD-65/AMD-63 grip that is colored gray and has our blasted matte finish.  It is marked “US” inside the top to signify it is a 922r part (when used as a rear grip – the front grip does not count one way or the other) and is cast as a solid block.

The gray coloring is done via a dye in the polymer – it is not a paint.

Our grips are colored by counting droplets of dye and as such, can vary from grip to grip unless I cast them as a pair.  If you order a pair, the colors will closely match each other.  If you buy one grip and then later buy a second, they may not be a close match.

I do not offer polishing to a shiny / high-gloss.  I have carpal tunnel and can’t do the level of polishing necessary.  If you select the option on the product page for rough sanded, I will stop sanding at 180 grit and send the grip to you.  You would then do the 220, 400 and 800 grit sanding followed by buffing or polishing to get the level of gloss finish you want. The grip will arrive looking very light until you further sand and polish it.  You will need to apply a light wax to bring out the color.   Neutral or clear shoe wax works great but do not use something thich and heavy like floor wax.   If there are any oil/dark smudges on a grip from my inserting the grip screw and touching the grip with oil on my hands, they can be removed with soap/degreaser before sanding.

The other finishing option is our standard blasted matte finish which is duller and looks a tad darker since it isn’t reflecting light the same but on the plus side, it will be ready use.

Pricing is for one pistol grip and screw.

Yes you can buy just one if you want.

This is a pre-order meaning that the quantity available is how many more I plant to make.  When you order, I will finish the grip(s) and shipped in about 2-4 weeks. You can cancel your order at any time before I mail it and get a full refund – no worries.


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