AK Fire Control Retainer Plates - These Are Excellent!
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These are the best AK fire control group retainer plates I have found bar none and use them in my AKs.  In many cases, the other vendors did plates that were too thin and this let the pins move around.  Our plate is made from 304 stainless and is 0.046" thick, which is the same as the typical shepherd's hook.  This means the pins are retained properly.  In one of the photos, you'll see me holding one of our plates (silver) next to a much thinner competitor's (black) model that allows the pins to move left to right.

In case you are wondering why to even consider using a retaining plate, the reason is simple - they are the easiest way to secure the hammer and trigger pins hands down.  They replace the various round spring steel retainers or shepherd's hooks that are a headache to work with.  The mouth of the pin sits on the hammer pin, the middle belly goes down on the trigger pin and the selector lever goes through the hole to lock it all in place.  The photo of one installed is in my Polish AK-47 Beryl-styled rifle with a ALG fire control group (those are wicked) -- it will work in any rifle or pistol that uses a standard two pin AKM-style fire control group - Rommy, Polish, Serbian, Bulgarian, East German, Chinese, etc.  I'm running them in my personal Polish AKM, Polish Beryl, Yugo M76 and Yugo M72.  Each time I work on one of my AKs, I put one of these plates in.

By the way, the AK photo you see with the dirty inside - that is my Polish Beryl built on a standard AKM receiver from Childers.  I'm running them in my Polish AKs and M76 also - they works great!






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AK Fire Control Retainer Plates - These Are Excellent!

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