Are you looking for magazines for your 9mm Rock Island A2 HC Pistol?  For 9mm Luger (also known as 9mm parabellum and also fit 9x19 NATO) these mags are for the the 51679 Tac Ultra FS HC and the 56645 Pro Ultra Match HC pistols.  Or to put it differently, these magazines are for pistols that use the RIA 54180 or 54180B (blued) magazines.  Each listing will tell you how many we have in stock ready to ship.  If you only see one type of magazine listed right now, that's the only one we are able to make at this time.


May 22, 2022 - We are almost sold out of 9mm magazines and will have more available for sale by the middle of the week - we are just waiting on magazine springs right now.  Be sure to check this page - it will be a new item listing as we are switching the source tubes we use - we have literally bought every available Mec-Gar P16 and P18 magazine that we could find and are switching to Act-Mag tubes that we are then converting.


We verify magazine laws for every order based on the ship-to address.  Please do not attempt to order magazines that are illegal in your area.  We will not mail them and you will be charged a 10% processing fee because it takes time on our end to cancel the order.

Custom 15 Rd Windowed 9mm RIA Blued Mags - 2nd Generation
Custom 15 Rd Windowed 9mm RIA Blued Mags - 2nd Generation

These are our second generation high quality, high reliability magazines for Armscor Rock Island Armory (RIA) High Capacity 2011-style 9mm pistols, such as the RIA 51679 Tac Ultra FS . Specfically, these are for the RIA A2 HC series pistols that...