Are you looking for magazines for your Rock Island A2 HC Pistol?  We make and sell magazines for 10mm Auto these are the 52009 Rock Ultra HC, 56862 Tac Ultra HC Threaded, and the big 52000 Pro Ultra Match 6" HC "Big Rock".  These also fit RIA pistols chambered for .40 S&W - RIA used the same magazine for both calibers.

Please do not use Paypal to purchase magazines.  Any orders that do will be cancelled.  We do take American Express, Master Card, and Visa so please use one of those methods.  Sorry - Paypal's policies do not allow for many firearms and parts transactions but we have quite a few pro-gun customers who do like to use them for other products we sell.

We verify magazine laws for every order based on the ship-to address.  Please do not attempt to order magazines that are illegal in your area.  We will not mail them and you will be charged a 10% processing fee because it takes time on our end to cancel the order.

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3rd Gen Custom RIA A2 HC 10mm / .40 S&W 16 Round Magazine 1911/2011 Full Length Guide Rod Takedown Pin With O-Ring
3rd Gen Custom RIA A2 HC 10mm / .40 S&W 16 Round Magazine1911/2011 Full Length Guide Rod Takedown Pin With O-Ring

These are high quality, high reliability magazines for Armscor Rock Island Armory (RIA) High Capacity 2011-style 10mm and .40 S&W pistols. Specfically, these are for the A2 HC pistols that use the 16 round double stack magazines and are...

An increasing number of 1911 and 2011-style pistols are using a full length guide rod that requires the insertion if a pin to capture the reverse plug during disassembly. While some guys will fashion a pin from a paper clip, our solution is more...