Please note that we have stopped taking orders for  our custom grips and handguards for the Winter Season until some time March or April 2019.  In our Winter section are our products available for sale.  For handguards and grips, on-hand quantities reflect what I plan to make during the Winter and are not actually just sitting ready to ship.  It's the only way I could think of to throttle demand.  These grips and handguards will take about 4-8 weeks for me to make and ship them as I work around the weather, etc.

For ferrules, pins, FCG plates and stuff in our surplus section, I'll try and ship your order within two weeks. 

We will post lead times on our home page and our Facebook page.  Please check them before ordering.   Did you know that we have a blog where we have tons of posts on AKs, firearms, tools and just about anything else that springs to mind?  Click here to open it in a new tab and check it out.