Yugoslavian M85/M92 and PAP Pistol Lower Handguards Steel Shims
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Tired of loose Yugo M85, M92 or PAP pistol handguards?  We are pleased to now offer solid steel shims so you can finally get the tight solid fit with your lower handguard that you have wanted.

These shims are specifically for the M85, M92 and PAP pistols with tailored inner and outer diameters to fit right into the handguard retainer.  All you need to do is to cut the top off the circle so it will fit in the retainer.  This means you cut roughly at 11 and 1 o'clock with tin snips or a Dremel for the thicker pieces.  The method of cutting just depends on how thick you need to go.

This packet includes 19 shims - one of each of the following thicknesses: 0.001", 0.0015", 0.002", 0.003", 0.004", 0.005", 0.006", 0.007", 0.008", 0.010", 0.012", 0.015", 0.020", 0.025", 0.031", 0.047", 0.062", 0.093", and 0.125"

That gives you a ton of flexibility to really dial in your fit.  You can stack them in the retainer if you want plus paint them whatever color you want.  Note, they are regular cold-roll steel so some type of finish to repel rust is a good idea.  Paint, Park, Cerakote, Duracoat, Molyresin, etc.

 Note, if these are backordered, I can make more and ship usually within a week.

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Yugoslavian M85/M92 and PAP Pistol Lower Handguards Steel Shims

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