Yugoslavian M85/M92 Ferrule Cut Handguard Sets - Black
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These are black polymer copies of the original wood Yugo handguards that will fit the Yugo M85/M92 rifles and PAP pistols.  As such, they have the ferrule cap cut. If you do not want the ferrule, order our handguard version that does not have the ferrule area cut out.

These are black handguards and the surface texture is our blasted matte finish for a firm grip.  

This set does have a longer nose that you will need to sand, file or mill to the length you need for your weapon.  Due to variations in weapons, we no longer trim the nose.  This means you will need to fit the handguard to your weapon.  Do not order the handguard set unless you are willing to do the fitting.

The plastic is machinable so that means you can sand, mill, drill and so forth all you want.  This is very handy as you can add picatinny rails or other accessories however you want.  At this time, we plan on just selling the base model and leave customizing up to buyers and/or custom builders.

Please note that this is an inventoried item.  If the quantity on hand is negative that means it is backordered and may take 2-4 weeks until it is shipped.

This set does require the use of the metal ferrule that goes at the end of the lower handguard that abuts the receiver.  We sell replica ferrules or you can remove and use the ferrule from your existing furniture. Without the ferrule, the handguard will be loose fitting as it normally takes up space between the handguard, the retainer and the receiver.

** We are asked all the time "what is a ferrule?"  A ferrule is a metal cap that is used to protect the open grain of wood from being split open.  Since our handguards are made from urethane, having a ferrule is purely a cosmetic choice.  If you like the look of a metal cap, then buy the ferrule cut version.

You can purchase a replica Yugo ferrule to attach to the handguard from us.  It is made for us right here in the US!  It will be slide on the handguard and you can decide how you want to attach it.  We recommend either a rubber cement or epoxy.  You may also choose to just slip it on.

The gas tube cover needs the spring retainer clip from a wood set.  You can likely use the one from your existing rifle or if you have a model that does not include the clip, such as the M77 that CAI imports with a plastic Zastava gas tube cover, then you can order it from Apex Gun Parts or other sources.  I recommend Apex as I have had such good luck with them over the years.

Our M85/M92 handguards have an extended nose that will likely require sanding/filing to fit your rifle.  This will give you a solid fit.  Use a sanding block or a file to remove material from the front nose only.  The trick is to take your time - remove a little and test over and over.  Do not try to do it all at once!!  I would recommend ordering it long so you can really custom fit the handguard to your rifle.  We do not trim the nose due to variations in weapons.

Please note that you can make shims to take up space in the front handguard retainer from any thin material if you need to.  It's as simple as cutting an outside circle of 1.5" and then an inside circle of 1".  It basically makes a "O" shape that has a 1/2" of material all the way around.  You then cut a wedge out of the top to open it up so it can set in the handguard retainer.  Literally, I've heard of guys using sheet metal, aluminum from pop cans, plastic, rubber and just about anything else you can imagine. 

We can not warrant these handguards to withstand the excessive heat caused by repeated mag dumps, bump firing and full auto activity.  We stand behind all our products 100% as users of our grips will tell you.  Given the potential for high-heat on the barrel and gas tube, we have to be up front and tell you there are limits.  In testing, East German plastic gas tube covers melt between 400 and 437F.  Our sample handguard sitting next to the East German cover at the same time only softened but never melted and then rehardened as it cooled.  We have a blog post with more information.

November 3, 2021:  This is a pre-order as these handguards will be built to order for a maximum of five units. We should be able to mail a given order with about a 2-3 week lead time once the order is placed.  If I can ship sooner, I will.  If you need to cancel after ordering, I will give you a full refund - that is not a problem.  The website will show that I have X number of sets available and that is how many are left on the pre-order.


We custom make all of our grips and furniture for each order.  Because of this, our lead-time is usually at least four weeks and we post our order lead time on the home page of our website.  Please check the lead-time before ordering.  We had to add this as many folks are getting links from friends straight to our products and not realizing that we custom make everything. 

Please note:  We no longer make a version of our handguards that does not require a ferrule.  We only make this model now.


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Yugoslavian M85/M92 Ferrule Cut Handguard Sets - Black

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