Yugoslavian M70, M77, M85/M92 Gas Tube Cover
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This gas tube cover (upper handguard) fits the Yugoslavian M70, M76, M77, M85 and M92 rifles.  It is made from a glass fiber reinforced heat resistant machinable urethane that you can either use as-is or machine to your liking.  

The cover will have our blasted matte finish.  We can't guarantee color matching as everything we do is by hand and by counting droplets of dye. 

This will only fit Yugoslavian rifles.  It is longer than an AKM gas tube cover.

The gas tube cover also needs the spring retainer clip from a wood set.  You can likely use the one from your existing rifle or if you have a model that does not include the clip, such as the M77 that CAI imports with a plastic Zastava gas tube cover, then you can order it from Apex Gun Parts or other sources.  I recommend Apex as I have had such good luck with them over the years.

Note:  The urethane is temperature resistant which means, in this case, it can withstand sustained exposure to 250F.  Most firing of rifles is such that you shoot and the weapon cools down some.  In the case of full-auto or rapid sustained firing, the gas tube cover could get hotter than the material will withstand.  To be very clear, no plastic will last under abuse.  During testing, we melted an East German plastic gas tube cover like a stick of butter whereas our's withstood the heat.  We can't warrant this cover from the effects of high-heat.  During testing we'd let the cover cool down and then we'd sand, wax and stick the cover back on the rifle.

This is just the gas tube cover.  If you want the entire set, we offer that too.

We custom make all of our grips and furniture for each order.  Because of this, our lead-time is usually at least four weeks and we post our order lead time on the home page of our website.  Please check the lead-time before ordering.  We had to add this as many folks are getting links from friends straight to our products and not realizing that we custom make everything.

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Yugoslavian M70, M77, M85/M92 Gas Tube Cover

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