Yugoslavian M70, M72, and M85/M92 Grip and Replica Grip Screw
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Found on the M70 and M72 family of Yugoslavian AKs as well as the M85 and M92 rifles.  Used by both stamped and milled versions, it is one of the most ergonomic grips - especially given its size.

Please note we only offer this grip in black with a blasted finish.

Shooters who wear small and medium sized gloves will appreciate this grip.  For shooters with large size hands, it still is pretty good.

These grips retain the "3106" identifier on the right side of the grip (when looking down from the top of the grip with it facing forward) that is found on the originals.

It has a half inch countersink to work with a variety of grip screws - including the original Yugo screw.

This grip does not include a grip screw.  You may either use one you already have or purchase one of our high-strength alloy screws.

I found three of these grips and am listing them.  I do not have plans to make more at this time.  I still need to sand and finish them once an order is placed so the lead time is about 1-2 weeks.

  • Item #: Yugo M70/M72/M92

Yugoslavian M70, M72, and M85/M92 Grip and Replica Grip Screw

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