Yugoslavian M70/M72/M76 Rubber Recoil Pad
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The military-sized recoil pad we sell will not fit the current PAP M70 buttstocks that have a steel butt plate.

This is a replica recoil pad for the military M70, M72 and M76 fixed stock rifles.  It is cast from originals and has the same dimensions.  The biggest selling point for these pads is that they look far better than the beat up originals that came with many kits.  Around 2016 a different M70 buttstock appeared in the civilian market with an all steel butt plate that has a different profile and the military-style rubber recoil pad will not fit.  Please click here to read a complete write up with photos regarding the size difference.


We will charge a 20% service fee and not refund the original shipping and handling for any recoil pad returned due to size.  Every recoil pad is installed on a jig that mimics the end of the military rifle for drilling so we know every one is sized correctly when we ship it.

Note, if the inventory is negative or says "backordered" we are making more and the lead-time to ship is usually less than two weeks.

Product Details

The material selected for these pads is a special dense high-strength rubber.  By doing so, we were able to skip using a steel reinforcing place resulting in a very good looking durable recoil pad.

These are made by hand for each order and subject to the same lead times as our custom grips.

This is just the pad - we assume you will use your original Yugo screws and do not include screws with our product.   If we find a source of screws down the road, we will definitely either sell them or let folks know where to buy them.

Each recoil pad is solid rubber and does not have a steel plate.  We made the original hole shallower so there is much more material to support the screw.  However, the original oval head attachment screws can be brought down snug but someone applying a lot of torque can draw the original oval head screws through the pad.  We made the hole about half as deep and in testing, the screws can be tightened down nice and snug.  Do not overtighten though of you can pull the screw right through the rubber since there is no steel backing plate.  Note, we have sold hundreds of these and none have failed.

For folks trying to fit the pad on a different model of rifle or have concerns about fitting their newer M70, here are the approxmiate measures of the butt of a military M70 wood stock:

Screwhole centers are about 3.25" apart

From top inside lip of butt of the stock to bottom inside lip is:  4.20"

Top to bottom of the butt outside or overall height is 4.48"

Left to right inside lip edge of the butt at the widest point s 1.29"

Outside edge left to right at the widest point is 1.63"

The lip that the recoil pad sits on all the way around is about 0.17"

Our Facebook page will have posts about lead times.


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Yugoslavian M70/M72/M76 Rubber Recoil Pad

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