Yugo recoil pad screws - black stainless slotted (per pair)
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Guys have asked us over and over for a cost effective replacement to the Yugo recoil pad screws and now we have them.  They are not identical to the originals in terms of the thread but once installed, they look the same from the outside and they work in existing drilled Yugo stocks.

These are slotted oval head screws that measure 1.22" (31mm) overall with an outside diameter of 0.186" (4.7mm).  I replaced the old original steel Zastava screws with these in one of my surplus Yugo M70B1 butt stocks and was able to tighten down the screws quite nicely in the existing holes.  They are about 0.2" shorter than the originals but that does not seem to affect strength in this case given the finer thread.

These are for the military Yugo rifles (M70, M72, M76 and M77 with wood stocks and rubber recoil pads) and not the commercial PAPs.

These are 304 stainless steel with a black electrophoresis finish.

Pricing is per pair of screws.

Note, in some of the photos you will see lighter colored screws with a very coarse thread and some rust.  Those are originals.  The new ones are very black with a finer thread.

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Yugo recoil pad screws - black stainless slotted (per pair)

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