Yugo M92 Handguard Set, Black - Quick Ship
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This is our Yugo M92 handguard set with black blasted finish with the nose left long for people to sand, or file, to fit.  It fits the Yugo / Zastava M85, M92 rifles and PAP pistols.

It's the same handguard we make in terms of strength and temperature resistance but the features have been simplified to enable quicker shipping. 

This set does require the use of the metal ferrule that goes at the end of the lower handguard that abuts the receiver.  We sell replica ferrules or you can remove and use the ferrule from your existing furniture. Without the ferrule, the handguard will be loose fitting as it normally takes up space between the handguard, the retainer and the receiver.

The gas tube cover needs the spring retainer clip from a wood set.  You can likely use the one from your existing rifle or if you have a model that does not include the clip, such as the M77 that CAI imports with a plastic Zastava gas tube cover, then you can order it from Apex Gun Parts or other sources.  I recommend Apex as I have had such good luck with them over the years.

If you want to order this in different colors or with different options, please visit the custom M92 handguard page.

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Yugo M92 Handguard Set, Black - Quick Ship

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