Yugo M70/M72/M76 Wood Buttstock bolt - 8x1.0x260mm w/lockwasher
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I had a custom screw shop make the bolts needed to secure the wood fixed butt stocks on Yugoslav / Zastava military M70, M72 and M76 rifles.  It is an 8mm diameter bolt with a 1.0mm pitch and is 260mm (10.24") long just like the original. 

These are for the military rifles and not for the commercial PAP buttstocks.  I will not refund your money if you tell me it doesn't fit your PAP commercial buttstock so please bear this in mind.  If you don't know what I am talking about, Zastava makes civilian market rifles with a smaller buttstock and these bolts are too long.  They are expressly for the military patterned stocks.  The diameter and thread pitch (8mmx1.0mm) is the same though.

The current bolts are virtually identical to the originals in terms of size and shape but have a black oxide finish.   I need to update the photos but haven't had time yet.

I am including a matching lock washer with each bolt.  I figure that if you need the bolt, you probably need the washer too.

In the photos, the light grey bolt is the original and the darker bolt with the longer thread is the new one that we are having made.

A customer reported he needed to sand the bolt near the head and/or drill open their stock washer to allow the bolt to fully seat and/or pivot enough for the bolt to properly thread into the receiver trunnion.  I pulled samples this morning and they measured  7.79 to 7.91mm in diameter with an average of 7.83mm.  Assuming your bolt measures in the ballpark of 8mm, if you encounter resistance inserting your bolt into a surplus stock, I'd recommend drilling or reaming the metal insert/metal washer just a tad where the bolt head sits.  

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Yugo M70/M72/M76 Wood Buttstock bolt - 8x1.0x260mm w/lockwasher

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