These are custom products that are available during the winter

These are grips and handguards that we can ship within two weeks.  The system will only allow ordering if we have products available or almost available.  Note, I am trying to still make IMI Galil grips as the weather permits so it will show inventory to allow ordering but it might take 4 weeks before I can ship it.

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Yugoslavian M70/M72/M76 Rubber Recoil Pad Yugoslavian M85/M92 & PAP Pistol Quick Takedown Pin
Yugoslavian M70/M72/M76 Rubber Recoil PadYugoslavian M85/M92 & PAP Pistol Quick Takedown Pin

This is a replica recoil pad for military M70, M72 and M76 fixed stock rifles - not the commercial PAP. It is cast from originals and has the same dimensions plus look like brand new and are softer.

This black oxide coated stainless pin replaces the dust cover hinge pin on the Yugo M85/M92 rifles and PAP pistols to allow for rapid removal. This design comes in handy for cleaning or when you need to work without the dust cover being in the way.



Yugoslavian M85/M92 Lower Handguard in Dark Russian Plum
Yugoslavian M85/M92 Lower Handguard in Dark Russian Plum
This is our lower handguard for the M85/M92 series Yugo rifles and PAP pistols. It has the original cut for the use of a metal ferrule. It's handy for folks who have an Ultimak gas tube and don't need another gas tube cover. Its mold was made...


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