Voodoo Tactical Adjustable Cheekpiece System - Black
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I think this is from Voodoo Tactical but it might be Condor - no markings.  It is a very adjustable black nylon cheekpiece system that has a ton of velcro and adjustments for fitting.  It has a riser that can be adjusted based on the material you stuff into the riser cavity.  This allows you to adjust your cheek weld to line up with an optic.  I think it would fit just about any stock with a traditional profile but not things like adjustable M4 stocks, elaborate chassis systems, adjustable buttstocks, etc.

The only challenge is that the adjustable ammo carrier's sewing has come partly undone in one corner.  It would be an easy fix with needle and thread.  Other than that, it's like new.  I don't think this was used - I must have missed the sewing issue when it arrived.

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Voodoo Tactical Adjustable Cheekpiece System - Black

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