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Genuine IMI Uzi 9mm 25 round Magazines MagLula Uzi Magazine Loader/Unloader
Genuine IMI Uzi 9mm 25 round MagazinesMagLula Uzi Magazine Loader/Unloader

These are genuine surplus 25 round 9mm IMI Uzi magazines. To be clear, these are for the original full size Uzi. I don't think they work on some of the newer little Uzis. The buyer certifies that he/she can legally buy these magazines. We will...

I used this to load about 500 rounds.  It works great.  I'm selling it because I sold my Uzi.



Uzi 9mm Full Auto Disconnector Uzi Barrel Nut
Uzi 9mm Full Auto DisconnectorUzi Barrel Nut

This is an original IMI Uzi disconnector.  Handy if you want a spare to machine to make a semi-auto version.  This unit has not been altered in any way and is in great shape.

Original IMI Uzi Barrel Nut - In great shape



Uzi Handguards - Used Uzi Stock Mounting Lug
Uzi Handguards - UsedUzi Stock Mounting Lug

This is for one set of Uzi handguards - I have several sets for sale and they all show wear.  The photos are representative and what you get may differ slightly.

Uzi Stock Mounting Lug



Uzi Top Cover - Semi Auto Uzi Wood Stock Assembly - Complete
Uzi Top Cover - Semi AutoUzi Wood Stock Assembly - Complete

Semi auto Uzi top cover - this means the knob slides freely from front to back and does not have the ratchet mechanism the full auto version does.  It's in great shape.

Complete Uzi Wood Stock Assembly with Butt Plate and Quick Release assembly.  In sealed bag.  It's used and in good shape.



Uzi Wood Stock Butt Plate Assembly Uzi Wood Stock Quick Release Assembly
Uzi Wood Stock Butt Plate AssemblyUzi Wood Stock Quick Release Assembly

Original IMI Uzi Butt Plate - Sticky with Cosmoline.  Ought to clean up very well.

This is the quick release assembly for the wood stock on an Uzi.  It's just what you see - no screws.



Uzi Wood Stock Screws - Pair
Uzi Wood Stock Screws - Pair

These are the screws that secure an Uzi's wood stock to the quick release mechanism.