Products listed on this page are either for sale or on clearance.  I have limited stock of each - often just one.  These are products we make that are seconds, odd colors, slightly blemished, extra inventory, etc.  It's a chance to get something at a steep discount. Shipping will be in 1-2 weeks max.  Most of the time, it will be within 7 business days. 

Please note I can't match colors - when I do pairs of grips or handguard sets, I have to mix and color the same batch of plastic so if you buy one of these, consider it unique.  

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Romy G/AKM, Black, Blasted Yugo/Zastava M70, M77, M92 Gas Tube Cover - Medium OD
Romy G/AKM, Black, BlastedYugo/Zastava M70, M77, M92 Gas Tube Cover - Medium OD

One black blasted ROmy G / AKM grip.  This does not include a grip screw.

This gas tube cover is for the Yugo / Zastava M70, M77 or M92 rifles.  The color is a bit lighter than our dark olive drab.  Again, this is just the gas tube cover.