Russian STK Grip Cut For Reinforcement Plate
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This is our version of the STK Tuning Company's grip for AK/Saiga rifles.  It is nearly the same size as an Molot but has a more eliptical handle and fills the hand nicely.  Unlike the original, it is neither hollow nor does it have the top insert either.  Our grip is solid cast, has a blasted matte finish and designed for use with a standard AKM-type grip nut mounting method. It also requires a standard 6x1x100mm grip screw such as the AKMs use. 

The STK grip is designed to overhang a receiver grip reinforcement plate at the rear.   If your receiver does not have a plate then you can buy one from AK Builder, the front angled piece off such that it will sit on the grip instead of being riveted in place and the finish/paint it whatever color you want.

This grip does not include a grip screw.  You may either use one you already have or purchase one of our high-strength alloy screws.

Our STK grip weighs approximately 0.26 pounds and is ruggedly made.  Without a doubt, it will stand a great deal of hard use.

People who wear medium and larger sized gloves ought to find this grip very comfortable.

We do offer side-folder grip reinforcement plates that could either be riveted onto a rifle or have the tab cut off to let the grip fit any rifle.  Note, the plate is in the white - meaning bare steel.  You would need to apply whatever finish you want.  It follows the Russian and Bulgarian side-folder plate dimensions.

We custom make all of our grips and furniture for each order.  Because of this, our lead-time is usually at least four weeks and we post our order lead time on the home page of our website.  Please check the lead-time before ordering.  We had to add this as many folks are getting links from friends straight to our products and not realizing that we custom make everything.

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Russian STK Grip Cut For Reinforcement Plate

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