Russian AK-12 Grip w/Screw
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This is our version of the new Russian AK-12 grip and includes the required 6x1x100 grip screw.  It is colored black and has our blasted finish.  Unlike the hollow original, our grip is cast as a solid block and is drilled out.  It does not have the bottom insert either.

The top is now flat and does not cup the receiver - we had to remove the "ears" that cupped the sides due to compatability issues with different receiver bends and thicknesses.  The grip's top outside edge is now narrower than the receiver.

February 3, 2023 - We are starting pre-orders.  I plan to make and mail a grip 2-4 weeks after you place an order.  My shop is unheated and I am working around Michigan weather.  So, if you'd like to get in line, I'd sure like you make you a grip.  If you change your mind you can cancel and get a full refund any time before your order is mailed.

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Russian AK-12 Grip w/Screw

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