Polymer80 7" Nippers-Custom Ground to Flush Cut Top Rail Blocks
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Sharpened nippers are the fastest way to remove the top rail blocks from Polymer80 frames.  Now you may be wondering why I bothered to do some with a custom grind - most nippers have jaws that are beveled on both sides for strength.  When you look at them from the side, they look something like this: -><-  well that does not cut flush with the frame and requires more clean up after nipping.  Instead, but grinding the jaws with a flat side, the resulting cut is almost flush (not perfect) and also far easier to do because the jaws cut through the softer plastic of the frame.  The side profiles looks like this [_ _].  When you look at the photos you can immediately see the difference.

These start out as 7 inch nippers/nail pullers.  I then custom grind them so the jaws can cut the Polymer80 Tabs flush.  They work great on the PF940v2, PF940CL and PF940C frames.  I can't speak to the other frames.  Note, the jaws are sharpened - do not keep squeezing them together or they are apt to bend or even break.  They are like two blades facing each other at this point.

To use them, remove the pistol frame from the jig and I would recommend clamping the frame in a vise or something that doesn't move.  This will sllow you to focus on the work.  Make sure the nippers are fully seated properly and are not going to cut the wrong parts.  Just be careful is the bottom line.  Squeeze the nippers and the tab will be cut.  The front tab will take several cuts each to be removed.  You can then use a file or sandpaper to clean up the little bit remaining tab.

The nipper handles sometimes have rub marks or nicks that should not affect operation at all. 

The grinding is done on my big 2x72 Esteem knife grinder and care is taken to not hurt the temper or otherwise burn the metal.

These nippers are ground to cut the plastic frames.  Do not use them to cut wire or nails or the cutting edges will likely deform or even break.

Also, because the edges are sharp do not squeeze them together unnecessarily with one jaw right on the other - something will bend or break.  They can cut plastic easily but you don't want one jaw to try and cut the other.  It's like shoving two knife blades together.


5/16/21 - I have a pretty good vendor for these and I already have more coming in.  I will turn back ordering on.  You should not need to wait more than 3-4 business days for an order to mail if the website says "back order" (assuming you are ordering just one or two of them).


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Polymer80 7" Nippers-Custom Ground to Flush Cut Top Rail Blocks

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