Polymer80 7" Nippers - Almost Flush Cut Grind
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Nippers allow you to quickly remove the bulk of the tabs on the top of Polymer80 frames.  We start with 7" nippers and grind them down until they are almost flush.  We have to leave a very slight bevel on each jaw lest they be too weak and break. They work great on the PF940v2, PF940CL and PF940C frames.  I can't speak to the other frames.  Just a little plastic will be left that can be removed with sand paper or even an emory board nail file.

Always wear eye protection!

To use them, remove the pistol frame from the jig and I would recommend clamping the frame in a vise or something that doesn't move.  This will sllow you to focus on the work.  Make sure the nippers are fully seated properly and are not going to cut the wrong parts.  Just be careful is the bottom line.  Squeeze the nippers and the tab will be cut.  The front tab will take several cuts each to be removed.  You can then use a file, emory board or sandpaper to clean up any remaining plastic.

The nipper handles sometimes have rub marks or nicks that should not affect operation at all. 

The grinding is done on my big 2x72 Esteem knife grinder and care is taken to not hurt the temper or otherwise burn the metal.

These nippers are ground to cut the plastic frames.  Do not use them to cut wire or nails or the cutting edges will deform or even break.

2/20/2022 - We had to stop doing a knife edge grind on the nippers because the jaws became too fragile - we didn't want one to break and go into anybody's eyes.  The nippers you see have a flattened head and much less of a bevel than the originals so you still get the benefit of greatly reduced work plus a tool that will last longer for cutting plastic. 


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Polymer80 7" Nippers - Almost Flush Cut Grind

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