Polish AKM and Tantal Grip
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The Polish grip that was used on both AKM and Tantal series rifles has similar lines with AKM grips but its slightly larger girth compared to other models of AKM grips makes it very comfortable for medium to large hands.  It has a half inch countersink to work with a variety of grip screws.

Note the recent addition of a surface texture option.  The smooth finish is very shiny whereas matte is more of a dull flat look.  The advantage for the matte finish is that the texture creates a very sure-grip surface.  For customers who have ordered this grip in the past, "smooth" is the finish you are accustomed to.

This grip does not include a grip screw.  You may either use one you already have or purchase one of our high-strength alloy screws.

We custom make all of our grips and furniture for each order.  Because of this, our lead-time is usually at least four weeks and we post our order lead time on the home page of our website.  Please check the lead-time before ordering.  We had to add this as many folks are getting links from friends straight to our products and not realizing that we custom make everything.

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Polish AKM and Tantal Grip

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