This is for paying for custom products or services that you and I have discussed in advance.  Each unit is $1 - if you need to pay me $100 then add 100 of these to your cart and check out.  If you owed $50 then you would add 50 of them and check out.  You can then pay with your credit card orPaypal.  In the order comments, or note field, please enter the description of what you are paying for.

Please do not use this unless we have talked previously.

Note:  There is a 1,000 item limit to the shopping cart program that we can't change.  For orders over $1,000, use the $500 custom product listing to get close and then pay the balance with the $1 custom product listing.  For example, if you have a $1,321 order, then use the $500 custom product listing to order two of those (which comes to $1,000) and then continue shopping and use the the $1 product page for the balance of $321 by adding 321 units.  Sorry for the cludge - it drives me nuts too.

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Pay For Custom Products and Services $1 USD - Read Description

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