PSA 5.56 Fluted Flash Can, Threaded 1/2X28 - Used
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I took this off an upper upon receipt.  It's not been fired but I did mar the finish a bit back where the wrench goes. I'm listing it as used due to the marring of the finish - it was never fired.

Thread: 1/2x28” -- please note the thread pattern!!
Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Material: 6061 Aluminum
Finish: Black Hard Coat Anodized
Length: 3.25”
Outside Diameter: 1.2”

I find it interesting that they spec it for 5.56 Nato.  I can literally drop a 9mm round (the whole round including the case) straight down through the hole with room for it to rattle.  Just FYI.

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PSA 5.56 Fluted Flash Can, Threaded 1/2X28 - Used

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