Modern Tanto - 5-3/4" blade with hamon line, 11-1/8" overall
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The blade was hand forged by Gene Martin of Provision Forge and has a real hamon line. This means it was differentially tempered with clay resulting in a hard cutting edge and relatively softer steel above it for resiliency. The result is a very cool modern take on the classic tanto design by Gene.

The handle is black paper micarta, which gives it a dark obsidian black look. The micarta is secured to the blade with black glass reinforced aerospace epoxy and a 1/4" brass pin. There is a brass tube at the rear that serves as a lanyard hole and to reinforce the laminated micarta.

The black paper micarta has deep grooves for a sure grip.  The front of the handle now has both  upper and lower finger grooves.  A slight indent is on the top of the blade just in front of the handle so you can put your thumb up there during fine cutting.

The Kydex sheath is made from heavy duty 0.03" black micarta with a retaining strap made from heavy nylon plus an military grade snap. The belt fasteners are 1-3/4" Speed Clips enabling easy mounting or removal from a belt. All of the holes are 3/4" centers enabling the use of Molle-Loks, Tek-Loks and even the supplied Type IV 750# paracord for mounting the knife to belts, vests, packs, etc. Note, once you get the clips situated, you need to apply a threadlocker to keep the screws from coming loose. I recommend Blue Loc-tite, Vibra-tite, or something like that.


Overall length: 11-1/8" approx
Blade length: 5-3/4"
Steel: 1050 high carbon
Handle length: 5-1/4" approx
Handle material: Black paper micarts and brass pin & tube

Weight of the blade: 11 oz
Total weight with the sheath: 1 1b 1 oz


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Modern Tanto - 5-3/4" blade with hamon line, 11-1/8" overall

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