Magazine Labels Numbers 1-100, Durable Vinyl - 2 sheets
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When you have multiple magazines, it is a good practice to label them so if you have a problem at the range, you know which one to work on.  In addition, by numbering your mags, you can try adjusting or tuning them and keep track of performance.

Folks asked us for some basic labels and that's what we have come up with.  These labels are 0.4" in diameter, have a black background and each sheet has sequential numbers from 1 to 100.

The labels are self-adhesive, waterpoof, and durable.  You can still remove them though.  Even after a couple of months of being on a mag, I can push one off with my thumbnail and then clean up the adhesive residue with Goo-Gone, penetrating oil or whatever.

I'll be honest, these are good labels but they are not permanent or made from some super-mystical material that will survive the apocalpyse but they are good labels and have worked well for me.  I started using them over a year ago on my custom RIA magazines has I started experimenting.

The price is for two duplicate sheets so you get two sets of numbers 1-100.

Magazines shown in the photos are not included.

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Magazine Labels Numbers 1-100, Durable Vinyl - 2 sheets

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