KUSA KP-9 and PSA AK-V 9mm Quick Takedown Pin
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This quick takedown pin will work on either the Kashnikov USA KP-9 or the PSA AK-V.  The design comes in handy for cleaning or other times you want clear access into the receiver without the dust cover being in the way.  The pin is the same diameter as the original AK-V's hinge pin, fits snugly into the original hole and has a ball bearing detent on one end to secure it.  Note, this is expressly for the 9mm AK-V and to install it on a Kalashnikov USA KP-9 will require that you ream the hinge pin hole open - click here for a blog post about that.

It's made from 303 series stainless steel with a black oxide finish and is plenty tough to serve as a hinge pin.

The ring is approximately 3/4" black oxide coated stainless just like the pin.  

Installing in the AK-V:  You install it by first removing your original pin.  Fortuntely, this is very easy compared to other designs.  First. field strip the weapon like you would any AK, remove the gas tube and the lower handguard so they are out of the way.  The AK-V's hinge is simply a 5/32" roll pin so use something like a bench block to support the weapon and create a hole/gap for the pin to exit into, a 5/32" roll pin punch and a hammer to tap the roll pin out.  You can save it for the future in case you ever want to use it again for some reason.  The whole process took me about 10 minutes.

Installing for KP-9 is a bit more involved.  The hinge pin must be removed and then the hole reamed open to 4mm.  Click here for a more detailed blog post about what needs to be done.

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KUSA KP-9 and PSA AK-V 9mm Quick Takedown Pin

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