Hungarian AMD-63 / AMD-65 - Pair of Grips with Screws
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This is our version of the Hungarian AMD-63 / AMD-65 grips.  An original plastic grip was used as a template.  The big difference is that our's is solid cast and requires a full size AKM grip screw or our high-strength alloy screw (these are solid separately).The original hollow AMD plastic grips have a very short 6mm screw and use a cap to close up the grip.   These grips feature our blasted finish that enables a sure grip even when wet.

Please note this price is for two grips because the Hungarian rifles use pairs of them.  If you want to order a single grip, please contact us.  Please note that we can only coordinate the color and get them close if we cast them at the same time.  We can't do this if we cast one grip and then later add a second.  We have an option to order just one grip on this page for folks that do not want a pair. 

Because not all AMDs have full length grip screws, we include one of our high-strength alloy grip screws for each grip so you'll be all set.

This grip has a 1/2" countersink on the bottom to accomodate different sizes of grip screws.




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Hungarian AMD-63 / AMD-65 - Pair of Grips with Screws

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