Hungarian AMD-63/65 pair, black, blasted w/screws, Winter
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Please note we are producing a limited number of these over the winter. What I list as on--hand is what I plan on producing - it is not actually ready to ship. Lead times will be about 4-8 weeks depending on the weather.  That date range is a best estimate and is from the date of when you order.

This is our version of the Hungarian AMD-63 / AMD-65 grips.  An original plastic grip was used as a template.  The big difference is that our's is solid cast and requires a full size AKM grip screw or our high-strength alloy screw (these are solid separately).The original hollow AMD plastic grips have a very short 6mm screw and use a cap to close up the grip. 

Please note this price is for two grips because the Hungarian rifles use pairs of them.  These are colored black and have our blasted finish. Only sold in pairs for the winter.

Because not all AMDs have full length grip screws, we include one of our high-strength alloy grip screws for each grip so you'll be all set.

This grip has a 1/2" countersink on the bottom to accomodate different sizes of grip screws.




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Hungarian AMD-63/65 pair, black, blasted w/screws, Winter

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