Please note that we have stopped taking orders for  our custom grips and handguards for the Winter Season until some time March or April 2019.  We will complete all orders entered to date and ship them in about 8 weeks from when the order was placed though Winter weather might cause some delays. 

Orders for surplus, sale items, quick ship inventoried items, ferrules and pins will happen within two weeks of your order being placed.   We're just stopping orders of the custom products.

For news and order lead times, please visit our our Facebook page as we post updates there.

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Czech vz.58 - Israeli Galil Ultra Style with Screw Czech vz.58 Long Grip with Screw
Czech vz.58 - Israeli Galil Ultra Style with ScrewCzech vz.58 Long Grip with Screw

This is our version of the Israeli Galil Ultra grip that has the top tapered for the vz.58's grip receptacle and has a solid pebble textured surface for a sure grip. It is made specifically for the vz.58. It uses a standard length AKM screw,...

This grip is for the vz.58 series of rifles and is based on the grip used on the BRNO RV85 flare launcher. This grip is almost a half inch longer than the original vz.58 grip and is much more comfortable. It includes one of our high-strength...




We will post lead times on our home page and our Facebook page.  Please check them before ordering.