We have stopped production of most of our custom furniture.  What we are still making or have available for sale is listed under custom furniture  We will post lead times on our home page and our Facebook page.  Please check them before ordering. 

For ferrules, pins, FCG plates and stuff in our surplus section, I'll try and ship your order within two weeks. 

If you'd like to know more about waxing your grips and handguards to keep the color from fading, then click here.

Please note that if you clicked on a link to a product on a web page somewhere and this page was displayed, then that means we aren't making the product any longer.

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Yugoslavian M85/M92 and PAP Pistol Lower Handguards Steel Shims Yugoslavian M85/M92 Ferrule Cut Handguard Sets
Yugoslavian M85/M92 and PAP Pistol Lower Handguards Steel ShimsYugoslavian M85/M92 Ferrule Cut Handguard Sets

Tired of loose Yugo M85, M92 or PAP pistol handguards? We are pleased to now offer solid steel shims so you can finally get the tight solid fit with your lower handguard that you have wanted. These shims are specifically for the M85, M92 and PAP...

These are copies of the original wood Yugo handguards that will fit the Yugo M85/M92 rifles and PAP pistols. As such, they have the ferrule cap cut. If you do not want the ferrule, order our handguard version that does not have the ferrule area...