Custom 17 Rd 9mm RIA Blued Mags - No Window v2
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These are high quality, high reliability magazines for Armscor Rock Island Armory (RIA) High Capacity A2-style 9mm pistols, such as the RIA 51679 Tac Ultra FS and 56645 Pro Match.  Specfically, these are for the A2 HC pistols that use the 17 round 54180 magazine and are designed for smooth reliable feeding. They are not for the traditional 8-round 1911 pistols (I would recommend Wilson Combat or Tripp Cobras if you have one of those pistols and lots of websites carry one or the other).

These mags hold 17 Rounds and have a blued finish.  While the tube can hold 18, we do not recommend it as jamming will likely occur if you manage to squeeze it in.

These are custom made by starting with Act-Mag .40 magazine tubes that we have tuned the feed lip gap for the ramped RIA pistols.  The original follower is tuned and an upgraded Wolff +10% spring is used for reliable feeding.  The original spring does not generate sufficient force for reliable feeding - this is a mandatory change and not optional.  A Dupont Ceramic dry lube is applied to help reduce friction and enable smoother loading and feeding.

The magazine body will have ".40 S&W" and we can't remove it from the hardened steel body but they have been modified extensively to reliably feed 9mm ammo in the RIA pistols.

Note, these have the full length feed lips and will not feed 22 TCM without your shortening them.  I do not have a 22 TCM pistol to test with so that may be something we can add in the future,

These use the original follower which means this mag does lock the bolt open on empty.

Each of these custom mags were tested specifically with the RIA 56645 Pro Ultra Match or 41679 Tac Ultra FS.  These magazines hold 17 rounds.  If you want 17 like the original, then you will need to source them. 

The original base plate will work in your RIA A2 pistol.  We sell Dawson base plates if you wish to change them.  

Click here for a blog post that has quite a few photos of mags and the different sizes of base plates.

Please ALWAYS Test Your Magazines

I do have something I want every reader/buyer to remember:  PLEASE Always test the magazines before you need to rely on them - you must verify that a given combination of pistol, ammo and magazine are reliable and this is true for any firearm. My liability is limited to the purchase price of the magazine and they are warranted against manufacturing defects only (not including any required feed lip tuning) for 90 days. 

Do you have a brand new pistol?

A brand new RIA pistol will have feeding problems right out of the box because it does need to wear in and this may take 100-200 rounds.  When you get a new RIA pistol, be sure to clean and lube it.  I would then recommend cycling the slide a few hundred times (literally) to help smooth things out before you get to the range the first time.   It may still have some feeding problems after this but they will be a lot fewer.  By the way, all firearms do need to wear in (some say "break in") so don't get discouraged right away.  Just don't expect the pistol to work right out of the box - you will get frustrated by all the jamming.  Clean, lube, hand cycle the slide a few hundred times and you should have a much, much better first range visit.  I can't stress this enough.

Dawson Plates, Wolff Springs & Arredondo Spring and Follower Sets

We do sell Dawson base plates if you wish to have one that extends further than the included Mec-Gar plate (the Mec-Gar plate fits fairly flush and is easy to insert and extract).  FYI: The +100 Dawson plate sticks out just about as far as the polymer plate so a +200 or +300 plate would actually make the magazine taller - note that the plates add height only but not capacity.  Please click here if you are interested in Dawson plates.

The Mec-Gar spring seems pretty robust and that is what I am personally running.  If you want an even stiffer spring, we do sell Wolff magazine springs that are 10% stronger than the originals. It does require a bit of shaping to fit the follower.   Please click here if you are interested.

We also sell Arredondo competition followers and springs as well - click here for them.


Due to irrational firearm hysteria, I will not ship magazines to locations listed in the USCCA magazine limit guide page that prohibit magazines of this size (17 rounds is my stated capacity) plus try to maintain a list of other areas. I will not ship disassembled "magazine kits" to those locations either - sorry. I can't export them either - I hate having to put all this legal stuff in but I must.  It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations before buying these magazines.

We can't ship these magazines to the following states:

  • California: 10 round limit
  • Colorado: 15 rounds
  • Connecticut: 10 rounds
  • Hawaii: 10 rounds
  • Illinois: We will look up your city and county to see if you have limits.  For example, Chicago and Cook Country are limited to 10 rounds.  
  • Maryland: 10 rounds
  • Massachusetts: 10 rounds
  • New Jersey: 15 rounds
  • New York: 10 rounds
  • Vermont - 15 rounds for pistols
  • Washington D.C.: 10 rounds
  • Washington State: 10 rounds

This product is export controlled by US Government Export Regulations.  We will not export to any country.

Terms and Limit of Liability

This is for one magazine - the pistol in the photos is not included.  We are not liable for any damage or injury resulting from use or misuse of this magazine.  The buyer assumes all liability.

Please do not use Paypal to purchase magazines.  We do take American Express, Master Card, and Visa so please use one of those methods.  Sorry - Paypal's policies do not allow for many firearms and parts transactions but we have quite a few pro-gun customers who do like to use them for other products we sell.

Customer feedback from emails:

6/19/22 - "Just got back from the range.  500 rounds with no problems.  Thank you for the tip to clean, lube and hand cycle my pistol a bunch of times to help it wear in faster.  I'm sure they helped with the range visit." - Tom

6/18/22 - "I've been searching for these mags for months.  Thank you!" - Peter

6/3/22 "The mags work great.  I've been looking for mags for my pistol for almost a year and only had the one that came with it." - Larry


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Custom 17 Rd 9mm RIA Blued Mags - No Window v2

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