Custom 10 Rnd Mags for RIA A2 HC 10mm Pistols:- Dimpled Tube
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For you folks in regulated areas that need 10 round magazines for your .40 and 10mm RIA HC A2 pistols - these are for you!   If you are the owner of a Rock Island Armory High Cap/2011 style 10mm (or .40) then you know it is virtually impossible to find 10 round magazines for those pistols. 

I wrote up an extensive blog post detailing how I converted new Mec-Gar MGP164015B magazines that are made for the Para P16 pistols and these mags are made from the MGP164010B - the same magazine but with dimples in the tube body to limit them to holding 10 rounds.

The conversion involved shortening the feed lips on these magazines. In addition, the top of every magazine had the surfaces polished in a four step process and every magazine's feed lips were fine tuned using my 52009 as the test pistol to ensure the proper feeding of the 10mm rounds - notably the last round. Note, if you have a .40 then you may need to adjust the lips - I have no way to test for that caliber.  The factory finish will show some wear due to the maching process.

Just to be very clear - these are for the normally 16 round high-capacity 10mm RIA pistols. They will not work in single stack 1911 pistols or Paras. Sorry Para P16 owners, but these mags are too modified now.  I will not accept returns if you buy this for the wrong pistol.  If you have questions - please email me.

The pistols these mags should work with the follwing high cap RIA pistols:

  • 56862 TAC Ultra Threaded 10mm
  • 52000 PRO Match Ultra 6" HC 10mm
  • 52009 Rock Ultra FS HC 10mm
  • 51738 Pro Match Ultra H - 40S&W - note, I tune for 10mm as I don't have a .40 so some minor adjustments might be needed.

Every pistol is different so some final feed lip tuning may be required. The blog mentions what I did and there are videos on YouTube that outine what you need to do for a RIA A2 HC.  Please note that is easy to do - click here to read a blog post about it.

I used the Mec-Gar body, follower and spring. The base plate is from Dawson Precision and is made from CNC machined aluminum.

You can choose whether you want a Dawson base plate (which you need for the pistol to work with a Rock Island A2 HC funnel or if you want the original Para-style base plate.  Only pick the Para plate if you plan on replacing it with another model - the Para base plate will not fit in your Rock Island.  I added this option because some guys already own base plates and don't want to pay extra for the Dawson.

Click here for a blog post that has quite a few photos of mags and the different sizes of base plates.

Quite a bit of time went into making these magazines hence the price but I figure that there are other guys out there who would like to have additional magazines so I took a gamble on custom making some.  

Please note, I will not ship magazines to locations listed in the USCCA magazine limit guide page as having a limit under 10 rounds. I will not ship disassembled "magazine kits" to those locations either - sorry. I can't export them either - I hate having to put all this legal stuff in but I must.  It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations before buying these magazines.

Please test the magazines before you need to rely on them. My liability is limited to the purchase price of the magazine and they are warranted against defects (not including any required feed lip tuning) for 30 days.

This is for one magazine - the pistol in the photos is not included.

The following are the limits per state that we are aware of - and please email us if something has changed:

  • California: We can no longer sell magazines to California due to liability issues
  • Colorado: 15 rounds
  • Connecticut: 10 rounds
  • Delaware:  17 rounds
  • Hawaii: 10 rounds
  • Illinois: We will look up your city and county to see if you have limits.  For example, Chicago and Cook Country are limited to 10 rounds.  
  • Maryland: 10 rounds
  • Massachusetts: 10 rounds
  • New Jersey: 10 rounds
  • New York: 10 rounds
  • Rhode Island:  10 rounds
  • Vermont - 15 rounds for pistols
  • Washington D.C.: 10 rounds
  • Washington State: 10 rounds

Sorry California residents - We can no longer sell magazines to California due to liability issues

Please do not use Paypal to purchase magazines.  Any orders that do will be cancelled.  We do take American Express, Master Card, and Visa so please use one of those methods.  Sorry - Paypal's policies do not allow for many firearms and parts transactions but we have quite a few pro-gun customers who do like to use them for other products we sell.


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Custom 10 Rnd Mags for RIA A2 HC 10mm Pistols:- Dimpled Tube

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