Crush washer - 14mm, common for 7.62x39 AKs and others
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This is a 14mm steel crush washer.  It's most common use is on 7.62x39 AKs as well as other rifles and pistols. 

Pricing is per washer and there are volume discounts.

Approximate dimensions:

  • Inner diameter: 14.66mm
  • Outer diameter:  20.75mm
  • Crush washer height without compression:  4.08mm

Instructions in a nutshell:

  1. Make sure the weapon is safe
  2. Lube the crush washer on both sides to enable rotation
  3. To install, the cupped end / large end faces the muzzle device.
  4. Tighten the muzzle device down by hand
  5. Inspect how you need to orient the flash hider
  6. Do a quarter turn, and back off a bit, quarter turn and back off a bit - this avoids the crush washer cracking
  7. Torque to the specification recommended fur the muzzle device and/or the weapon
  • Item #: CrushWasher14mm

Crush washer - 14mm, common for 7.62x39 AKs and others

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