Chinese Type 56 Grip
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This is our Chinese type 56 grip, which we can also make in Black for the Norinco 84S-3A and 84S- rifles. Externally, they look like the grip and internally they are cast solid as are all of our grips.

These grips are made by us and count as a 922r compliance part. 

Please note that Chinese Orange is a close approximate solid color.  The actual grips are a blend of colors and we can't exactly match them.

The original has a smooth finish.  We offer a blasted finish for those that want it but the result will look duller than the original.

These grips do not include screws.  You will need to use your original.

This is a custom product and is made by hand.  The lead-time could be 4-8 weeks.

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Chinese Type 56 Grip

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