BALS Mk 2 Sniper Bean Bag - Black, Right Hand - Excellent shape
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The Ballistic Adjustment Leveling Systems (BALS), LLC makes this sniper bean bag system.  It is very heavily made and the "sock" that is filled with corn cob media can be "hooked" out of the way on the opposite side of a right-hand shooter's cheek.  I've used a number of these over the years and they are a great way to stabilize and level your rifle by having an immediately available rear stock support.  The quality is superb.

In addition to the bean bag / stock sock, the design includes a zippered compartment and an external ammo carrier.

It measures about 3" x 2" x 4"

Approximate Weight is 8 oz

It straps on to a stock and while there is a ton of adjustment, it is really designed for traditional stock profiles and not chassis systems or M4-type adjustable stocks. 

I had this on a Remington 700 rifle that I actually only a few times so the system is in great shape.  I'm selling it because I have mainly moved to chassis systems and Magpul PRS stocks.

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BALS Mk 2 Sniper Bean Bag - Black, Right Hand - Excellent shape

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