Antique 15-1/4" Long Khukuri Blade w/Handle Blank
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This blade dates back about to the turn of the century (1901-1929-ish) and were both made and used in Nepal.  The overall blade measures about 15-1/4" when you lay the tape at the tip of the blade and measure all the way back at an angle to the tail of the tang.  The writing on the back of the blade identifies that it was made during the time of Prime Minister Chandra Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana.  Click here if you want to learn a ton about the inscriptions and some more history.

These blades were made by individual bladesmiths (kamis), even the making of the steel, and can vary tremendously.  This one has a very nice shape to it but there's no telling about the steel, hardness, etc.  It's clearly used.

Included with it is a wood handle of approximately the same vintage.    It is in fair shape for being 100-ish years old. Note the handle has been shaped but not drilled or fit to the blade in any way.  The buyer would need to fit it, make a bolster and cap if so desired.

Total weight of the khukuri and the wood handle is approximately 1 pound 5 oz.

I'm selling this for anyone who wants a piece of history and also wants to make a conversation piece.

Please note the buyer is responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations plus we do not export.


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Antique 15-1/4" Long Khukuri Blade w/Handle Blank

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