Act-Mag OEMP164015B Magazine for RIA A2 HC 10mm &.40 S&W Pistols
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These are the actual mags that are included with 10mm & .40 S&W Rock Island Armory staggered stack pistols - meaning the fat gripped 1911s that hold 16 rounds with the flared mag wells.  They are made by Act-Mag in Italy - part # OEMP164015B.  We are selling these off as we no longer need them for other projects.

These will not fit a standard single column 1911 pistol - they must be used in one of the A2 HC pistols.  The RIA pistols that use these mags iinclude:

  • 56862 TAC Ultra Threaded 10mm
  • 52000 PRO Match Ultra 6" HC 10mm - sometimes called The Big Rock
  • 52009 Rock Ultra FS HC 10mm
  • 51738 Pro Match Ultra H


Due to irrational firearm hysteria, I will not ship magazines to locations listed in the USCCA magazine limit guide page that prohibit magazines of this size plus try to maintain a list of other areas. I will not ship disassembled "magazine kits" to those locations either - sorry. I can't export them either - I hate having to put all this legal stuff in but I must.  It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations before buying these magazines.

We can't ship these magazines to the following states:

  • California: We can no longer sell magazines to California due to liability issues
  • Colorado: 15 rounds
  • Connecticut: 10 rounds
  • Hawaii: 10 rounds
  • Illinois: We will look up your city and county to see if you have limits.  For example, Chicago, Aurora and Cook Country are limited to 10 rounds.  
  • Maryland: 10 rounds
  • Massachusetts: 10 rounds
  • New Jersey: 15 rounds
  • New York: 10 rounds
  • Vermont - 15 rounds for pistols
  • Washington D.C.: 10 rounds
  • Washington State: 10 rounds

This product is export controlled by US Government Export Regulations.  We will not export to any country.

Terms and Limit of Liability

This is for one magazine - the pistol in the photos is not included.  We are not liable for any damage or injury resulting from use or misuse of this magazine.  The buyer assumes all liability.

Please do not use Paypal to purchase magazines.  We do take American Express, Master Card, and Visa so please use one of those methods.  Sorry - Paypal's policies do not allow for many firearms and parts transactions but we have quite a few pro-gun customers who do like to use them for other products we sell.



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Act-Mag OEMP164015B Magazine for RIA A2 HC 10mm &.40 S&W Pistols

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