AMD-65/AMD-63 Light Blue - One Grip With Screw
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This is for single US hand made AMD-65/AMD-63 grip that is colored light blue with a blasted matte finish.  It is marked "US" inside the top to signify it is a 922r part (when used as a rear grip - the front grip does not count one way or the other) and is cast as a solid block. 

The blue is created by adding drops of blue dye to the high temp glass reinforced plastic I use.  It will not match the unique robin's egg blue color the Hungarians made and then time faded

Pricing is for one grip and screw.  I know the photo shows two but this is for one grip.

5/4/23 This is a limited production run for the folks on AKFiles.  This is a pre-order meaning that by purchasing one or more grips I will get them made and shipped in about 2-4 weeks once you place your order.  The quantity on hand reflects how many more I plan to cast at this time - it does not mean it is immediately available to ship.  Lastly, you can cancel your order at any time before I mail it and get a full refund - no worries.


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AMD-65/AMD-63 Light Blue - One Grip With Screw

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