AKM Rear Trunnion Tang Buttstock Screws: Black Stainless (Pair)
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These are new custom stainless screws for securing a fixed wood or plastic stock to the AKM rear trunnion's tang. Making them was an adventure. The Soviets actually specified dimensions and tolerances for the screws, as well as the holes and countersinks in the rear trunnion. What I found was that the actual sizes of the screws, holes and countersinks were frequently outside of spec and some countries seemed to use slightly larger diameter screws.

After measuring and comparing screws and trunnions from Hungary, Poland, Romania and Russia, I set forth dimensions to try and fit as many as possible. One common element was that all trunnions seemed to use a 90 degree countersink so we moved ahead from there. By the way, this is why off-the-shelf American wood screws don't fit very well - the typical US wood screw is made with an 82 degree angle vs. the correct 90 degree angle.  In short, these look and fit right.

The head diameter is 8.8 +/- 0.2mm, the screw diameter is 5.5 +/0.1mm. Length is 25+/-0.5mm. As mentioned the countersink is 90 degree and the screwdriver slot is 1.9mm deep.

Lastly, the screws are a stainless alloy with an electrophoretic black finish for a rich consistent color.  They aren't going to rust on you.

Pricing is per pair and inventory availability is per pair.

If you order more than we have in-stock, more will be ordered and it may take 3-5 weeks.  If you are doing a big order and have questions, please email me - info@roninsgrips.com

5/30/23 - I have 1,000 more pair (2,000 screws) on order that should arrive the week of 6/19.  If you place a backorder, we will ship as soon as we have them in stock.

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AKM Rear Trunnion Tang Buttstock Screws: Black Stainless (Pair)

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