AK Trigger Slave Pin - Greatly Simplifies Trigger Installations
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If you have ever tried to assemble an AK and install the trigger, you know how challenging it can be to keep the disconnector and spring assembly properly aligned while sliding in the trigger pin.  We have a far simpler solution for you.  We've developed slave pins (dowel pins of the proper size) that allow you to assemble the trigger group outside of the rifle, install the group into the rifle and then when you push in the actual trigger pin, the slave pin slides out the opposite hole.  

This slave pin makes trigger assembly a breeze. It's made from rugged 52100 alloy steel and can be used over and over.  Note the alloy is not a stainless so keeping a bit of oil on them is a good idea in damp environments.

It's the natural steel color as pictured.  This makes it easier to see when dropped, misplaced, etc.

Please note this is only the pin.  Trigger parts shown in the photos are not included.

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AK Trigger Slave Pin - Greatly Simplifies Trigger Installations

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