39" Basic Katana with Scabbard (Saya) & Dancing Crane Tsuba
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I bought this basic economy katana to evaluate it.  The unit is unused and like new.

The katana is 39" overall with approximatley a 28" blade and about a 10" handle.

The blade is made from 1045 high carbon steal.  Just in front of the habaki it is 0.29" thick and 1.23" tall.

The tsuba has a stylized dancing crane.

Weight of the katana itself is 2 lb 3 oz

The scabbard is a basic black model made from painted wood

Weight of the katana and the scabbard is 2lbs 10 oz

This includes a black cloth cover.


Please note the buyer is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.  The seller is not liabel for ownership or use/mis-use.

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39" Basic Katana with Scabbard (Saya) & Dancing Crane Tsuba

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